Preserving the environment begins at home so two Maryknoll Sisters work full time in the Environmental Office of the Maryknoll Sisters Center.

A study of our Center buildings and grounds has been done with recommendations for a good environment both inside and outdoors. Recycling everything possible; using “green” or non-pollutant cleaning materials and changing to energy saving light bulbs are some of the environmental efforts.Hoping to preserve our green grounds for future generations, trees are being saved; woodswomen keep invasive species out of the woods and clear paths for walkers. Natural wetlands are preserved. All efforts are ongoing.

Did You Know?

  • 783 million people do not have access to clean water and nearly 2.5 billion do not have access to sufficient sanitation (UN Water).
  • Transnational criminal organizations exploit natural resources to make massive profits. Environmental crime is worth an astonishing $213 billion every year (UN, Interpol)
  • According to the USAID, tropical deforestation accounts for 17 percent of global greenhouse gas pollution each year, and about half of this pollution is caused by five commodity crops: palm oil, soy, paper, beef and timber.