Maryknoll Sisters involvement with Education is broad and varied from university professors or administrative assistants to pre-school education on the streets. Some Sisters work on a primary or secondary level as teachers, school counselors, bursars, tutors.

They reach out to orphans and vulnerable children as well as training teachers and being involved in organizational development. They may be teaching scripture, theology, religious education or cultural harmony. Some educate through research and publications, children’s books, videos and photos.

Maryknoll Sisters have a rich history of involvement in formal education at all levels in various countries. Now their alumnae continue administering and teaching in some schools and others share what they have learned within their families and their communities.

All educate to make God’s love visible in a war-torn world.

Did You Know?

  • Over 67 million primary school-aged children are not in school worldwide. Of those children, 40 million live in countries ridden by armed conflict (USAID).
  • There are about 775 million non-literate adults in the world today (UNESCO).
  • According to one study reported by the USAID, an additional year of average secondary or university-level education in a country raises national output by 19 percent.