Civil & Human Rights

Living in many countries around the world gives Maryknoll Sisters the opportunity to focus on Civil and Human Rights in their ministries.

They do this at the UN level by advocating on issues and initiatives of peace, social justice and the integrity of creation. Many are active in diocesan or national justice and peace groups or offices, obtaining legal services for the poor among other services. Their experience varies from executive director of a national ecumenical commission of human rights to using theatre with youth to reflect on justice issues.

In Kenya there is a multicultural peace building team and another “Sister without borders” who works in crisis intervention and reconciliation. Sisters working on borders or in migrant ministries in various countries can advocate for civil and human rights of migrants first hand while also ministering to the needs of the migrants.

Did You Know?

  • Across the Middle East, recent popular uprisings have been led by men, women, and youth, prompting an increase of public engagement in decision making (UN).
  • Millions of people work without regular income or benefits.
  • Countries with ineffective government institutions, widespread corruption, and weak systems of law are 30% to 45% more likely to experience civil war or extreme criminal activity than other developing nations (USAID).