Gaza's Crisis Is Also Ours

“They are back at it… I guess ‘they’ will never make peace…”  Well, if we say or think of it this way, we are "off the hook" so we can walk on and leave the people of Gaza to continue being bombed, targeted, destroyed… and, yes, massacred.  We in our country, have been viewing a one sided presentation of what happened in Gaza… a very well crafted Israeli construction.  This solitary analysis, of course, is what the Is

Reconnecting Is My Love

Sr. Aurora de la Cruz (c) April 16, 2014, marked a milestone in my life when I was able to return to my part-time work at Catholic Charities Hawaii after spending three long months of incapacitation waiting for my broken right femur to heal. As a senior service intaker, I respond to calls from seniors 60 and older requesting transportation and housing assistance.


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